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Fall 23 Battle Court

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Fall 23 Standings

Above are the current totals for the Fall 23 season. The "Totals" section is the sum of the points earned from every Singles Match (worth 1 point) and every Doubles Match (worth 1.5 points) played so far this season. The "PPR" or "Possible Points Remaining" section is the points equivalent to the number of Singles and Doubles matches that each team is scheduled to play. The PPR number indicates the highest possible number of points a team can earn at any point in the season.

A Team can earn fewer points than the PPR amount shown (by losing a match to another Team), but it cannot earn more. A good way to gauge your Team's ability to make it to the Playoff is by adding the Total + PPR and comparing that number to the other Teams in the League. The Team with the highest points total at the end of the regular season gets an automatic bye into the Championship. The two Teams with the second-highest points total go to a Playoff and the winner of that Gameday advances to the Season Championship.

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