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About WJAL

The World Jai-Alai League is dedicated to revamping the once renowned sport of jai-alai across the globe. The league plays host to the world’s fastest ball game, a game which once attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands packing frontons in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and portions of Asia. Now, the WJAL’s mission is to reignite the same fervor for the amazing sport of jai-alai by modernizing gameplay, capitalizing on the exploding international sports wagering market, and delivering the sport through social media to a new generation of fans.

World Jai Alai League

Board of Directors


Scott Savin

Former president of Gulfstream Park and The Casino at Dania Beach. Scott served as COO of Magic City Casino for 16 years and currently oversees World Jai Alai League operations. He was the Executive Producer of Magic City Hustle, the award-winning documentary which chronicled the evolution of the World Jai Alai League.


Ray Lewis

NFL Hall of Famer and Super Bowl MVP. Ray Lewis brings his motivating presence to the sport of Jai Alai. A 13-time Pro Bowl selection and host of the Ray Lewis Show, Ray provides the League with his competitive nature and passion as he assists in the League pursuit of breakout growth.

Joey Cornblit

The most celebrated American born Jai Alai player in history. Joey revolutionized the sport with his "remate" a type of kill shot. A five-time Tournament of Champions winner holding over twenty-five individual championships. joey is the Michael Jordan of the sport and continues to be a champion for Jai alai off the court.

Nina Blechman

Co-owner and de facto general manager of the Chula Chargers in their first two seasons, Nina is a devout fan of the sport. A former highly successful executive in the printing industry, she is now able to enjoy her family and help us grow the sport of Jai Alai

Isadore Havenick

"Izzy" Havenick has a lifetime of involvement with sports. His family is a major benefactor of the University of Miami athletic program. Izzy has or currently serves on the University of Miami's Presidents Council and Athletic Department Visiting Committee. He also previously served on the Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council.

Lindsay Savin

A graduate of the Boston University School of Communications, Lindsay leads the efforts to expand awareness and growth of the sport through social media as well as overseeing all broadcast and production efforts for the World Jai Alai League.

Leon Shepard

Known in Jai Alai circles as "Tevin", Leon played professional Jai Alai for 28 years and was a 3-time World Series of Jai Alai champion. Leon was instrumental in the early stages of the Magic City Jai Alai program working closely with many of the new players and mentoring them in the sport.